Rice Porridge Mix/Arisi Kanji Mix


Par Boiled rice-2 cup


  1. Rinse the rice for about 3 to 4 times until all impurities are washed away and strain the water well.
  2. Take a clean,dry,cotton cloth and spread the wet rice over it.
  3. If possible sun dry it.
  4. When the rice is completely dry,dry roast it.
  5. Cool the dry roasted rice.
  6. Grind it well in a mixer until it becomes a smooth powder.
  7. Sieve the powder well and store in an air tight container.


Dry the mixer jar in sun light before using.


7 thoughts on “Rice Porridge Mix/Arisi Kanji Mix

  1. I’m in the US and want to prepare this kanji. Outside it gets too windy so can’t dry rice there. Any other option? Can I dry inside the house or maybe in oven?


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