Varagu Arisi Adai


Varagu Arisi/Kodo Millet looks like broken rice and it gives similar taste like rice in any batter.I tried making idly and dosa out of it at first.But I missed clicking pictures ,so the first dish with Varagu/Kodo Millet from KK is Varagu Arisi Adai.

ingredients:VARAGU ADAI

  • Kodo Millet/Varagu Arisi-2/3 cup
  • Raw rice-1/3 cup
  • Gram dhal-1/4 cup
  • Moong dhal-1/4 cup
  • Toor Dhal-1/4 cup
  • Ginger-A generous piece
  • Red Chilly-2
  • Hing-A pinch
  • Onion-1 cup(finely chopped)
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-To cook


1.Rinse and wash all rice and dhal together atleast 3 times

2.Soak them along with red chillies for a minimum 4 hours.

3.Drain the water completely and add it to a blender.

varagu arisi adai1

4.Grind by adding less than 1/2 cup of water,ginger,hing and salt into a coarse paste.

5.Add the chopped onion and set it aside for 1/2 hour.

6.To make adai,grease the dosa tawa with oil.

varagu arisi adai2

7.Gently spread the batter and sprinkle oil.

8.Let it cook by closing it with a lid.Maintain the flame in medium.

varagu arisi adai39.Turn it the other side cook it for 5 to 7 minutes.

10.Serve it hot.



The consistency of the batter has to be thicker than dosa batter.So be careful while adding water.

Serve it with any tomato/shallot based chutney.

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