Multigrain Roti|Sathu Maavu Chappathi


Is your kid denying or bored of Multigrain porridges/Health drink? I myself have denied it when I was a kid.Mom tries to make me eat by making ladoo or dosa or roti/chappathi. Here I am with Roti from multi grain porridge mix or sathu maavu or health drink mix. Why don’t you try this roti/chappathi  for tonight? I had stocked up more of sathu maavu at home and was out for more than a month.I first thought it would be tough kneading the dough into roti and I was sure that it wouldn’t be easy to directly heat on fire like phulkhas. But to my surprise it came out so well. It can be either made on tava directly or even on fire. Refer the recipe of the health drink mix(home made) here. This can be your baby’s dinner or breakfast and even a lunch box recipe.

Do you find my recipe healthy and interesting? If yes,please don’t forget to share among your friends and family. Stay tuned with me by following by blog here and liking my facebook page at feel free to write to at for any queries.


  • Home made wheat flour(samba wheat)-3 cups
  • Multigrain porridge mix-1 cup
  • Salt-To taste
  • Water-As required
  • Ghee-To knead



1.Dissolve salt in water.

2.Mix porridge mix & wheat flour evenly and knead it into a smooth roti dough by adding water and ghee.


3.Set it aside for half an hour by closing it with a damp cloth/plate.

4.Make balls out of the dough and smoothly roll into rotis by dusting with wheat flour.


5.Cook it on tava or on direct flame.

6.Serve it hot with any gravy of your choice. I served it with White Kurma/Korma/Kuruma


You can find recipes of few side dishes here

  1. Creamy Paneer Gravy
  2. Aloo mutter gravy with broccoli
  5. Vegetable Kurma/Korma/Kuruma
  6. White Kurma/Korma/Kuruma
  7. Paneer Baby Corn Gravy
  8. Chettinad Mushroom Masala
  9. Kadai Mushroom
  10. Simple Mushroom gravy


I used samba wheat flour. You can use home made wheat flour.

Adding 2 spoons of lukewarm milk instead of ghee also helps in achieving a smooth dough.

I rolled it slightly thicker than I usually do.

It has to be served hot. Or else it tends to become hard. To pack for lunch boxes , amke it thinner and prepare like phulkha.

If you have not introduced sathu maavu/multigrain porridges earlier don’t use for first attempt.

Be sure to have introduced all the grains in the mix prior in hand separately and ensure no allergies.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.


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