Instant dry fruit milk/Almond Pista Milk

Instant dry fruit milk

Instant badam mix in market has hit a huge space and I am eagerly waiting to make one version at home of it. Being a first time mother and also interacting with many mothers made me to give a try on dry fruits powder and dry fruits milk.Many friends who had tried different versions were so worried on it being moist and unfit for storage. Hence this idea just sparked my mind and I decided go with it . If it can be made instantly you need not make in large quantities and store. I shall soon post the recipe of dry fruits powder that can be stored.This almond and badam milk can be your morning drink and also be a filling drink for your little ones above 1 year.


  • Boiled Milk-1 cup
  • Almond-2
  • Pista-2
  • Palm sugar-As per taste
  • Turmeric powder-A pinch(Optional)


1.Soak badam in half cup of hot milk for 20 minutes

2.Shred the skin of pistas and soak in milk.(Use unsalted variety)

3.Peel the skin of almonds.

Almond Pista Milk

4.Add badam and pista and blend in a mixer.

5.Add 2 tbsp of milk and give a single run.

6.Add palm sugar,turmeric powder to remaining milk and stir well.

7.Serve it luke warm.


You can also add a strand of saffron soaked in luke warm milk after step 6.

Since I made it for my LO i have added 2 pista and 2 badam. You can increase up to 4 each.

You can add honey/sugar instead of palm sugar.

The badam and pista would get into fine paste since they get soaked in hot milk.

You can filter and have the drink if you wish.

This is ideal for babies above 1 year.

Ensure that your baby has been introduced to each ingredient before hand individually and had no allergies.

If you find peeling skin of almonds difficult you can soak them over night too.

Few thoughts when can nuts be introduced to babies and it’s health benefits:

Introducing any dry fruit/whole nuts is generally recommended after one year by most pediatricians. It is because nuts are one among most common allergens for babies. Few studies say that delaying introduction of nuts might not help in escaping from the allergy and few studies also say the earlier the introduction of foods,the lesser the allergen reaction. But whereas most doctors don’t recommend nuts usage for babies below 1 year. Hence always have a personal discussion with your pediatrician on when to introduce nuts in your baby food because it is most important to discuss with doctor on possible allergens before introducing as generlisation does not apply here.Nuts for allergic babys(strong family history of allergy) is definitely not recommended before 1 year of age . Almods,pistas,pea nuts,wal nuts,hazel nuts,cashew nuts are the most allergy causing nuts.

Having almonds included in baby food improves brain growth , reduce cholesterol  by improving Vitamin E , improves bone strength , reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases,strengthens immunity, prevents against diabetes and blood pressure,maintaining skin and hair,helps in maintaining optimal weight.

Pistas help you to maintain weight optimally,prevents dryness of skin,helps in absorption of iron, control diabetes and aids digestion.


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