Home made cerelac-Just mix with hot water

home made cerelac

With many commercial baby products facing many issues,most mothers now feel scary to opt for them. Many mothers have asked me for the recipe of home made cerelac which can be instantly mixed with water and used during travel. I had written to them the below procedure. This is the procedure my mother suggested me for travel and emergency alone.I thought to share the same in my blog too for future reference. using poha/beaten rice/aval is much safer than using rice for instant cerelac.Kindly pardon me for the images. I couldn’t capture each step. Do write to me in case of any queries.(MAIL-kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com). All home made baby food recipes are here.


Rice/Poha(Aval/Beaten Rice)-1 cup

home made cerelac


1.Remove impurities from rice/poha/aval/beaten rice.

2.Wash and rinse rice well for 3 times at least.If you use poha/aval just remove impurities and move to step 6.

3. Drain the water completely and spread the rice over a cloth.

4. Place it on a tray and let it sun dry.

5.Once water is totally dry , add it to a pan.

Home made cerelac

6.Dry roast till aroma arises.(Slightly brown colour)

7.Spread it on a plate and completely cool it.

8. Add this to the blender/mixer .

9. Continue blending till it becomes a fine powder.

10.Sieve the flour well until no residue stays.

11.You can slightly toss this in a dry pan.(Optional)

12.Cool the powder and collect the home made cerelac in an air tight container.

home made cerelac

How to prepare this?

  1. Just mix the required quantity of cerelac with hot water.
  2. Stir it well to get a thick paste without lumps.
  3. Cool it and feed your baby.

home made cerelac


Any other ingredient add to this flour definitely needs cooking and it might need some other industrial pre processing to get instantly mixed with hot water.

I just used the rice which is generally used in cooking.

All porridges(based on rice) can be given for babies above 6 months. It is better to always give a semi solid(non pouring) consistency porridge to babies.

Have a word with your pediatrician before introducing new foods.

Sterlise the bowls used for cooking and feeding.

Always feed with a spoon and bowl rather than any bottles.

Kindly use this for emergency and travel purposes alone.

The water has to really hot,only then it mixes instantly.

Prefer poha/aval/beaten rice instead of rice in this recipe for safer side.

All other varieties of home made cerelac(needs to cooked)/porridges(Rice,wheat,ragi and various combinations) for babies are here in the below link.


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9 thoughts on “Home made cerelac-Just mix with hot water

  1. Can we use organic ragi powder & does it need to be roasted before preparing the porridge


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