instant dry fruit ladoo

Have you ever planned for a dish A and ended up doing Dish B? This dry fruits ladoo is one such experience of mine. I wanted to make a filling for my sandwich with dry fruits,but some how I ended up with a ladoo and in no time they were all over. My sister in law once mentioned that they carry these during mountaineering and trekking as it is extremely nutritious /filling and preparation is hyper-quick.  You can prepare this for your snack for your toddlers/pre schoolers or as an immediate option for your guests.


  • Dates-3
  • Raisins-10
  • Almonds-8
  • Pista-6
  • Cashews-10

This makes one ladoo of the size in the image

instant dry fruit ladoo


1.Deseed dates and separate the pulpy part.

2.In a dry mixer add cashews,raisins,almonds,pista.

dry fruit ladoo

3.Give it a run or until they become a coarse powder.

4.Keep it aside.

5.Add dates and raisins to the same jar.

6.Run the mixer to get them mashed.

7.Mix coarse powder with mashed raisins and dates.

8.Roll it into balls or make it as bars.

dry fruit ladoo


This can be your snack or as a filler during travel or your festive recipe.

Dry fruits for babies and toddlers is an excellent way to get them nourished. To know when,how to feed dry fruits to babies please read here.

If you are preferring this for your babies,do have a word with your pediatrician.

Ensure to have introduced all ingredients separately before hand for babies.

Avoid milk upto 2 hours after having this.

Take care not to puree the dates and raisins.

If blended right no part of this will stick to your jar.

You can even make a fine powder of the nuts. But ensure not to make it as a paste.



  1. Your recipes are awesome and want to try everything at once..thanks for such a blog..hats off to you


  2. Can you tell me the shelf life of the dry fruit laddu and how to store safely? Thanks for the recipe.


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