Pear Puree For Babies

Pear puree

I have been fond of pears since childhood and I love to just grab and bite. The crunchy and juicy taste of pears can be enjoyed only when eaten as such. I somehow found pears very late for my little one. And as I thought making it as a recipe for babies(Check Apple Banana Pear puree here) I did learn that it can be an excellent first food and it is so gut friendly. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps in protecting baby from constipation. It can be given as early as six months. For elder babies even the skin need not be peeled. I have written in detail about pears,nutrients,how to offer to babies and how it has to be chosen.

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Pear puree


1.Wash pear well.

2.Peel the skin and chop into pieces.

3.Leave out the central part.

pear puree for babies

4.Add it to a blender and make a puree.

5.Feed immediately.



Always use sterlised bowls and spoons for babies.

Pears will discolour very rapidly.

There is no need for steaming pear.

For babies above 7 months,grate and offer.

This is a great finger food for babies above 8 months.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.


Pear is a fruit which has plenty of vitamins,anti oxidants ,dietary fiber and minerals. They come in many varieties and the classification is based on the land of cultivation. They come in various colours and textures. For babies it is okay to peel the skin but for adults and and kids it is recommended to be consumed with the skin. The dietary fibre present helps in curing constipation and it is low calorie fruit. It is a very light,easy to digest and least allergic fruit which is loaded with Vitamin C ,minerals like iron,copper,manganese,magnesium,ribofavin. This fruit in gut-friendly and also prevents from cancer.


Choose a firm and ripe pear. Pears ripe from inside to outside. hence when you thump the fruit,it should hardly yield to the thump. Do not buy a pear which is very soft and easily easily to your thump. It means the fruit in rotten. Refrigeration is not required for pears. If you wish to refrigerate ,do it after it get ripened. The fruit is ready to eat when it yields to a gentle thump.


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