Pumpkin Halwa|Poosanikkai Halwa|Kaddu Ka Halwa

kaddu ka halwa

Hello everybody,Hope this post is finding each of you in good health and high spirits. I am extremely sorry about the unannounced long gap. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t access my space. Thanks for your continual support. I thought my come back recipe should be a sweet recipe and I have chosen this. One of my neighbours had a huge pumpkin at home and she was wondering on dishes to be made. I volunteered to help her with recipes of khicicdi/gothsu,halwa,kheer apart from usual stir fry,kootu and sambhar. One fine evening we started preparing this halwa and in no time it was ready and it melted in everybody’s tummy. The guests at my neighbours place were very happy having it. Hence a happy Kitchen Kathukutty too :). I remember promising few of the readers with this recipe long back,and here you go.


  • Pumpkin-2 cups(grated)
  • Milk-3/4 cup
  • Sugar-1 to 1.5 cup
  • Dry fruits-Handful
  • Saffron-5
  • Ghee-To cook

pumpkin halwa


1.Add 1 spoon of ghee in wide thick bottomed pan.

2.Add dry fruits.roast and keep them aside.

3.Soak saffron in luke warm milk.

Pumpkin Halwa

4.In the same pan,add some more ghee and add the grated pumpkin.

5.Saute until the raw smell vanishes.

6.Now add the milk and stir well.

7.When it thickens,add the sugar and mix well.

Pumpkin Halwa

8.Continue to stir until the pumpkin gets cooked well.

9.The halwa will begin to ooze out ghee.

10.At this stage stop cooking and add the dry fruits.

11.Serve it luke warm

kaddu ka halwaDo you like my recipe? If yes please do not forget to stay tuned with me by following by blog here and liking my facebook page at www.facebook.com?KitchenKathukutty  or follow me on Twitter. Do share this with your kith and kin. Do feel free to write to at kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com for any queries


I generally don’t use sugar and milk in my cooking. As this dish was made for my neighbour I couldn’t help it.

Prefer palm sugar instead of sugar.

Adjust level of sugar/palm sugar depending upon the swwetness of pumpkin.

Adding milk is purely optional. You can add half cup of water and cook too.

Skip sugar,dry fruits and milk for babies below for babies below one year.

Replace sugar with mashed dates or mashed banana for babies below one year.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.

This can be given to your baby from six months.

kaddu ka halwa

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