Baby Diet Chart 5-(10 months plus to 1 year)

10 months to 1 year daily diet chart

10 months to 1 year daily diet chart

Monday Paniyaram

or Idly

or Dosa

or Roti

Rice with spinach

and veg stir fry

or Sambhar rice with curd

or Sesame rice with

spring onion curry and curd

or Vegetable Pulao

with Cucumber raitha


Steamed dosa with chutney or

Instant Idiyapam with stew or

Bread Upma or

baby Corn Kathi rolls

Carrot Kheer
Tuesday Pongal with chutney

Or Bread Upma

or Poha Upma

or Ragi Roti

Tomato rice

with ladies finger curry

Idly with sambhar

or Moong Dhal Chilla or

Ragi Pancake

or Wheat pancake

Water melon salad
Wednesday Aapam

with coconut milk

/Vegetable Stew or

Ragi Pancake or

Wheat Dosa or

beet root Dosa

Bitter gourd curry,

dhal and rice

Daliya Khicidi

or Instant Idiyappam or

Moong dhal Dosa or

Bread Upma

Chopped cucumber
Thursday Instant ragi dosa

and carrot Kheer

or Turnip paratha

or Mix veg Pasta

or Seeralam

Urad dhal rice

with carrot stir fry

Roti with

aloo mutter gravy

or Cheese paratha

or Bottle gourd dosa

or Instant Wheat dosa

Banana Slices
Friday Steamed rice balls/

Kozhukattai and

ABC Smoothie or

Whole Ragi Porridge

Drumstick dhal mash

with rice and curd

Lentils Dosa

with shallots chutney or

Green Peas Dosa or

Steamed Ragi Cake/Puttu or

Brown rice Adai

Cooked peas
Saturday Idly with

drumstick sambhar or

Multigrain Roti or

Multigrain dosa or

Cauliflower stuffed dosa

Cabbage curry

and rice with curd

Tomato dosa

with coconut shallot chutney

or  PlantainPith Dosa

or Green gram dosa or

Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram


Chopped Apple
Sunday Instant jowar dosa with garlic chutney

or Green gram dosa

or Ragi roti

or Daliya Khicidi

Mixed veg Korma with roti/rice,Curd Veg Rice khicdi or

Gobi Masala Roast

or Red poha Upma

or Tomato Pasta

Pomengranate Juice


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Until one year don’t replace breastfeed by any solids.

Always have a word with your pediatrician before introducing any new food.

Do consider history of family allergies when introducing new foods.

Don’t force feed baby.

Until two years kindly breastfeed baby on demand.It is a recommendation from WHO.

Do include as many varieties as possible in baby food.

Avoid honey,sugar,salt,milk till one year in any form in any quantity.

I would have incorporated three day wait in early stages of diet charts. It is said to be obsolete now.So you can ignore them and just watch for allergies carefully.

The above chart has been put up to just provide an idea and this can never be an alternate to any medical expert advice.

Always use sterilized bowls and spoons to feed baby.

Prefer open cup and spoon instead to bottles and sippers.

For all recipes of healthy home made baby foods please refer here


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