There is something extra special to me apart from today being V’day…Any guess?? It is my blog first anniversary. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for a great support,trust and love from each of you.The journey has been extremely commendable and the credit goes to my dear readers and beloved well wishers. 🙂 A special bow down to each of you who supported and encouraged me in proceeding with my blog’s PURPOSE in this one year 🙂 I shall write special of dedication in detail marking my blog anniversary and now let’s get into today’s recipe.

I have already posted a version of jam which can be made without preservatives at home with just 2 or 3 ingredients. Here is another attempt which I made boldly with palm sugar after one of my readers said she tried my previous recipe with palm sugar and it was a hit. Yes you are right.This is going to be a “No preservative No sugar” home made jam.I have used the pulp of dates which is from my home made dates syrup here.You can use new dates and use the pulp if you are making the syrup.This recipe does not require even palm sugar as the sweetness is given by dates.

home made dates strawberry jam.JPG


  • Dates-1 cup(de-seeded)
  • Strawberry-1 cup
  • Palm Sugar-1 cup(Powdered)
  • Cinnamon Powder-A pinch
  • Lemon juice-3 drops

dates strawberry jam.JPG


1.Wash strawberry and de seed dates.

2.Powder palm sugar and sieve it well.

strawberry dates jam1.jpg

3.Remove the stem of berry and chop into random pieces.

4.Measure one cup of water and boil it.

5.Add dates to this.

strawberry dates jam2.jpg

6.Boil until dates turn soft.

7.Cool it and mash it in a blender.

strawberry dates jam3.jpg

8.Add this to the chopped strawberry and add palm sugar to this.

9.Squeeze lemon juice and mix it well.

strawberry dates jam4.jpg

10.Leave it for 2 hours.

11.Now add the entire mixture into a blender and make a thick puree(You can skip this step if you like pieces of of strawberry).

strawberry dates jam5.jpg

12.Add this pulp to a sauce pan and cook by stirring in low to medium flame.

13.Cook until it reaches jam consistency. (To check,just use a spoon dipped in cold water.The jam will get dropped when picked up by the jam.Switch off at that state)

strawberry dates jam6.jpg

14.Cool and refrigerate in an air tight container or glass jar

home made dates syrup and jam.JPG



This stays good for 3 months under proper storage and usage conditions.

You can just use a hand blender and mash and then cook the jam instead of using a mixer.

You can use sugar instead of palm sugar.

You can skip cinnamon powder if you wish.

The consistency is the most important step here. So stop cooking at the right time.

You can skipping adding palm sugar for babies below one year.

This can be used as a spread in bread or rolls or cakes.

Do not over cook as palm sugar/ will crystallize in such cases.

You can offer this for babies above 8 months after introducing both separately.

Always have a word with your doctor before offering any new food to your baby.

Hope you find this helpful.Do write your valuable feedback as comments so that I shall improve.Please do not forget to stay tuned with me by following by blog here and liking my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/KitchenKathukutty or follow me on Twitter. You can also receive all my recipes in your mail box by providing your mail id here. Do share this with your kith and kin. Do feel free to write to at kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com for any queries.




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