APPLE SAUCE/PUREE FOR BABIES-How to steam cook fruits/vegetables for baby food?

Apple is one of the first baby foods suggested universally.An apple a day definitely keeps doctor away and it is really a good habit to have an apple a day as such. Now that the use of preservatives/pesticides are more it is better to peel skin and then consume apple.Today’s post will explain in detail about making apple sauce or steaming cooking a fruit or vegetable.




1.Wash apple well and pell the skin.

2.Remove seeds and chop into small pieces.

3.Place the pan on gas top and add water to it.

apple puree

4.Place the idly plate over this and keep the apple pieces in a bowl.

5.Close and cook for 10 minutes.

6.Your apple will be completely steam cooked.

Apple Puree

7.Now either mash with fingers or use a blender to make sauce or puree.

apple puree or apple sauce


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I have used idly maker for steam cooking. You can use your idly pot too.

Pressure cooker can be used for the same purpose.Add some water to pressure cooker base and place the apple in a bowl and keep in the water.Close and cook without whistle.Apple will be steam cooked.

Choose non-hybrid and non-sour apples.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to your baby.

This can be given to babies above 6+ months.

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