Rava laddu is one quick recipe which can be made in no time and gets over in the same speed.It just melts in mouth.This has been one of my favourites in childhood and every aunt/grandmom who visits me would definitely come with a box of this. Recently I stopped making/having them after having avoided the white ingredients in my cooking.After a long time,this was made for a special person.

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The Jingle bells season is here and I am drowned in sweet memories of Christmas Celebrations at school and with my friends. My native(Palayamkottai-Known as Oxford of South India) is also famous for the yummy mouth watering plum cakes/Christmas cakes.We would have them flooding from all our friends a week ahead and most of it will be 100% home made from scratch. Few even prepare the wine used in preparation at home. It just tastes heavenly and it was a bliss.Before wedding my office friends had shared their home made(mom-made) cakes for me and I really miss them now. All these enormous missing and love for cakes made me attempt a cake with no egg no oven and especially no whites(maida/sugar/milk).Yes, I(We-Hubby shared excellent tips and helped me a lot) did it…As most of you would have known that I run this blog with a purpose of avoiding whites in cooking and spreading the habit of healthy eating across.( Check this to know the details of the blog purpose in detail. ) Continue reading “WHOLE GRAIN CAKE-RAGI WHOLE WHEAT EGGLESS COOKER CAKE”


Diwali/Deepavali is slowly peeping every household and I can feel the glitters in the air. I am sure all of you are getting ready in all aspects like making sweets & savoury, purchase, pooja preparations. I began my preparations last week and I wanted to attempt different but easy recipes for this Diwali. I occasionally came across this recipe in a magazine and prepared myself to make it right then. I made few alterations however as per my family’s preference. This is an excellent healthy,nutritious  and power packed sweet for this festival and it can be your baby/toddler snack , school goer’s evening snack ,travel food option. I have already posted recipes of instant dry fruits laddo/ball and instant dry fruits milk along with a detailed note on when to introduce dry fruits for babies. Do read them in the respective link(Click the underlined words).It remains good in room temperature for a week and you store it for 15 days in refrigerator. Continue reading “DRY FRUITS BURFI OR ENERGY BARS”


The festive season has begun and we can find it sparkling in all corners of the world with pooja preparations,sale discounts,special recipes,big sales and purchases. I wish to begin this season of festivals with a recipe I had recently tried. This recipe is adopted from my grandmother’s traditional method of making TIRUNELVELI HALWA.  She used to make it for every Diwali it seems.Tirunelveli(my home town) is very famous for its Halwa and it is very uniquely prepared and the taste will tangle in your taste buds forever. I made few changes to make it 100% healthy and adhering to my blog’s purpose. Yes I have used whole wheat instead of normal wheat and have replaced sugar with palm sugar and added some beet root to make it little crunchy for your little ones. I am sure you will enjoy it.  I have written a few thoughts on when wheat can be given to babies and what are the benefits of a whole grain especially whole wheat. I have already made an attempt to make whole wheat porridge and hence this idea implementation was not tough.

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  • Whole wheat/Red wheat-1 cup
  • Palm sugar-2.5 cups(powdered)
  • Beet root-1/2 cup(grated)
  • Ghee-3 tbsp
  • Dry fruits-to garnish

wheat beet root halwa


1.Remove all impurities from wheat and rinse it well.

2.Soak it for 8 to 12 hours. The wheat should have turned soft.

3.Drain the water and add the wheat to a mixer.

4.Add few spoons or half a cup of water of water and grind it well.

wheat beet root halwa

5.Extract the milk of wheat. Repeat this till 3 times by adding water.

6.In a pan add ghee,roast the dry fruits and separate them.

7.Add the grated beetroot in the same pan and saute them well until raw smell vanishes.

wheat beet root halwa

8.In the mean time,add the powdered pal sugar in the milk of whole wheat and filter it thrice.

9.Add the milk of whole wheat to the beet root and keep stirring.

10.Add ghee then and there to enable easy stirring.

11.Continue to stir until it becomes thick like halwa.

12.Add the dry fruits and serve.

beet root halwa with whole wheat

Whole wheat/Red wheat vs white wheat


Extract a maximum of 2 cups of milk of whole wheat.

Do not make the milk too diluted or too thick.

Adding ghee lavishly enhances the taste and helps in easy cooking.

If you are allergic to wheat,you can skip and use ragi milk too.

Keep stirring continuously in medium flame.

The colour depends on quality of palm sugar used.

Always consider family history of allergies before introducing any new food.

Have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.

This can be given to babies above 8 months after having introduced wheat and beet root separately.

Avoid palm sugar and dry fruits for babies below one year.

Choose small beet roots to have natural sweetness.

For babies below one year you can use some dates to sweeten.

This can be stored outside for 3 days and to a max of 7 days in refrigerator.

I missed capturing the whole wheat. Sorry about it.

Wheat for Babies:

This topic is yet another debating topic and has no fixed common answer. Wheat is suggested as the last grain to be introduced in baby food by few doctors whereas few recommend to offer by 7 months so that the allergy is outgrown. Ideally wheat can be introduced by 8 months after having introduced all grains.Wheat is a gluten food and hence few recommend a delay in introduction. How ever recent studies have proved that allergens must be introduced before 9 months so that baby out grows it soon. When you first introduce wheat you may try my recipe whole wheat porridge

Why Whole Wheat/Red Wheat?

I always prefer whole grains/grain flour to refined grains/flour because refining/milling processes involve several chemicals in it and refined grains become less nutritional as the bran and germ are removed. The glycemic index of whole wheat is much lesser than others and it aids in controlling optimal weight gain. The fiber content and vitamin contents of a grain remains in it when it is whole. This helps in developing healthy gut and protecting/curing constipation. It helps in fighting against breast cancer,colon cancer,heart diseases and helps women in developing in gastro intestinal health.It improves metabolism and helps in protecting against Type 2 diabetes. In children it helps in preventing ashtma.

In 100 g of whole wheat,we have 27% of protein,24% of carbs,34% of niacin,28% of thiamin and other minerals like manganese,magnesium,phosphorous and selenium.




Have you ever planned for a dish A and ended up doing Dish B? This dry fruits ladoo is one such experience of mine. I wanted to make a filling for my sandwich with dry fruits,but some how I ended up with a ladoo and in no time they were all over. My sister in law once mentioned that they carry these during mountaineering and trekking as it is extremely nutritious /filling and preparation is hyper-quick.  You can prepare this for your snack for your toddlers/pre schoolers or as an immediate option for your guests.


  • Dates-3
  • Raisins-10
  • Almonds-8
  • Pista-6
  • Cashews-10

This makes one ladoo of the size in the image

instant dry fruit ladoo


1.Deseed dates and separate the pulpy part.

2.In a dry mixer add cashews,raisins,almonds,pista.

dry fruit ladoo

3.Give it a run or until they become a coarse powder.

4.Keep it aside.

5.Add dates and raisins to the same jar.

6.Run the mixer to get them mashed.

7.Mix coarse powder with mashed raisins and dates.

8.Roll it into balls or make it as bars.

dry fruit ladoo


This can be your snack or as a filler during travel or your festive recipe.

Dry fruits for babies and toddlers is an excellent way to get them nourished. To know when,how to feed dry fruits to babies please read here.

If you are preferring this for your babies,do have a word with your pediatrician.

Ensure to have introduced all ingredients separately before hand for babies.

Avoid milk upto 2 hours after having this.

Take care not to puree the dates and raisins.

If blended right no part of this will stick to your jar.

You can even make a fine powder of the nuts. But ensure not to make it as a paste.

Instant dry fruit milk/Almond Pista Milk

Instant badam mix in market has hit a huge space and I am eagerly waiting to make one version at home of it. Being a first time mother and also interacting with many mothers made me to give a try on dry fruits powder and dry fruits milk.Many friends who had tried different versions were so worried on it being moist and unfit for storage. Hence this idea just sparked my mind and I decided go with it . If it can be made instantly you need not make in large quantities and store. I shall soon post the recipe of dry fruits powder that can be stored.This almond and badam milk can be your morning drink and also be a filling drink for your little ones above 1 year.


  • Boiled Milk-1 cup
  • Almond-2
  • Pista-2
  • Palm sugar-As per taste
  • Turmeric powder-A pinch(Optional)


1.Soak badam in half cup of hot milk for 20 minutes

2.Shred the skin of pistas and soak in milk.(Use unsalted variety)

3.Peel the skin of almonds.

Almond Pista Milk

4.Add badam and pista and blend in a mixer.

5.Add 2 tbsp of milk and give a single run.

6.Add palm sugar,turmeric powder to remaining milk and stir well.

7.Serve it luke warm.


You can also add a strand of saffron soaked in luke warm milk after step 6.

Since I made it for my LO i have added 2 pista and 2 badam. You can increase up to 4 each.

You can add honey/sugar instead of palm sugar.

The badam and pista would get into fine paste since they get soaked in hot milk.

You can filter and have the drink if you wish.

This is ideal for babies above 1 year.

Ensure that your baby has been introduced to each ingredient before hand individually and had no allergies.

If you find peeling skin of almonds difficult you can soak them over night too.

Few thoughts when can nuts be introduced to babies and it’s health benefits:

Introducing any dry fruit/whole nuts is generally recommended after one year by most pediatricians. It is because nuts are one among most common allergens for babies. Few studies say that delaying introduction of nuts might not help in escaping from the allergy and few studies also say the earlier the introduction of foods,the lesser the allergen reaction. But whereas most doctors don’t recommend nuts usage for babies below 1 year. Hence always have a personal discussion with your pediatrician on when to introduce nuts in your baby food because it is most important to discuss with doctor on possible allergens before introducing as generlisation does not apply here.Nuts for allergic babys(strong family history of allergy) is definitely not recommended before 1 year of age . Almods,pistas,pea nuts,wal nuts,hazel nuts,cashew nuts are the most allergy causing nuts.

Having almonds included in baby food improves brain growth , reduce cholesterol  by improving Vitamin E , improves bone strength , reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases,strengthens immunity, prevents against diabetes and blood pressure,maintaining skin and hair,helps in maintaining optimal weight.

Pistas help you to maintain weight optimally,prevents dryness of skin,helps in absorption of iron, control diabetes and aids digestion.

ABC Smoothie|Almond Banana Chikku Smoothie|Badam Banana Sapodilla Smoothie

Smoothie vs Milkshake – This has always been a debating topic in my brain. I finally found a simple line to explain its difference.

Smoothies have the fruit as the basic ingredient whereas milkshakes have milk or ice cream as the basic ingredient. I prefer smoothies and milkshakes only when I visit restaurants. Because I believe in actually consuming a fruit as such is always better than smoothie/juice/shakes. When it comes to preparation of shakes I rarely do it for my husband for evening snack when his schedule is undetermined. I just made a random attempt of making a smoothie for my son and he loved it. I just picked the ingredients at random and blended. From now on I will keep trying more smoothies.I just love that taste. It is a good option for kids who don’t eat fruits as such. Healthy drink for mothers who keep missing meals at right times.

I love the coinage “ABC smoothie”.. and it just happened 🙂


  • Chikku/Sapota-2
  • Banana-1(small)
  • Almonds-3
  • Milk-2 tbsp
  • Palm sugar-1 tbsp



1.Soak almonds in luke warm milk.

2.Open the chikku into two halves,check for the goodness of the fruit and de seed

3.Use a spoon to scoop the flesh.


4.Now chop the banana.

5.The almonds would have turned soft. You can peel the skin or add such.

6.Blend almond,banana,chikku into a fine paste.


7.Add palm sugar and milk and give a quick run.

8.Transfer to a serving glass.

9.Sip it and dive into divine taste 🙂



You can replace palm sugar with sugar/honey

You can skip milk and add water for babies less than 1 year.

If you prepare for the entire family you can add ice cubes and serve.

You can also use frozen banana and sapota to have a chilled version.

For babies less than one year remove the black seedy part of banana before blending.