There is something extra special to me apart from today being V’day…Any guess?? It is my blog first anniversary. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for a great support,trust and love from each of you.The journey has been extremely commendable and the credit goes to my dear readers and beloved well wishers. 🙂 A special bow down to each of you who supported and encouraged me in proceeding with my blog’s PURPOSE in this one year 🙂 I shall write special of dedication in detail marking my blog anniversary and now let’s get into today’s recipe.




I am becoming a home made maniac said my friends when I shared this to them during my first attempt. I made an attempt of this when I read the recipe in Aval Kitchen.But the process took some time and I was not satisfied with the process.I kept trying for better processes and especially a way to use the pulpy/fiber part which is discarded in the process.And finally I did it!Stay tuned to know what is that other dish :). This recipe is 200% better than what is sold in markets. Continue reading “HOME MADE DATES SYRUP-NATURAL SWEETENER FOR BABY & TODDLER FOODS”

HOME MADE COCONUT MILK-How to make coconut milk?

When I was discussing on writing a recipe for coconut milk ,my family members were not too convinced to give a post dedicated to it.I then explained to them that even these come in ready made packets and one of my friends had shared that using ready made shredded coconut or coconut milk has so many ill effects to human body including obesity and infertility due to those preservatives..There is one more reason behind sharing this recipe.Recently when I had met my brother in a family function he was quoting that coconut milk is ranked next to breast milk in terms of nutrition.It is extremely nutritious and healthy as per his doctor. Continue reading “HOME MADE COCONUT MILK-How to make coconut milk?”


Hi all,today’s post is just a collection of all recipes in my home made series.I always prefer home made ingredients in cooking and I prefer to prepare them in small batches.Most of us would refrain from preparing the essentials at home thinking it is a huge process.But it is not so.It can be done very easily when you make in small batches,say the amount required for a month.The freshness can also be ensured in this way.I shall keep adding recipes to this section as I keep adding them to my kitchen.So you can bookmark this page to get future updates automatically.Also feel free to write to me to get recipes for dishes of your choice.I shall make them and post for you.

home made collection KK.jpg

  1. Home made Jam/Home made carrot beetroot jam(No preserveratives added)
  2. Home Made Cerelac/Sathu Maavu/Multigrain porridge mix
  3. Home made cheese(Ricotta Cheese)
  4. Home made Idly/Dosa Batter- With tips to get super soft idlys without eno/soda
  5. Home made Curd
  6. Home made Paneer /Cottage Cheese
  7. Home made Sambhar powder/Sambhar Masala
  8. Home made Rasam Powder/Rasam Masala
  9. Home made Porridge mixes for babies(8 + combos)(Sprouted ragi mix,rice mix,gram mix,urad dhal mix etc)
  10. Home made Aapam/Paniyaram batter
  11. Home made Cerelac-For travel(Instant)
  12. Home made dates syrup
  13. Home made coconut milk
  14. Home made dates strawberry jam

Home made Cakes & Cookies:

  1. Eggless whole grain pressure cooker cake
  2. Sugarless finger millet/ragi cookies
  3. Eggless whole wheat oats banana cake


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