A very simple puree combination for your little one which is extremely creamy and delicious. This can be offered from 6 months. After 7 months prefer to give this mashed instead of puree.


  • Apple-1(small)
  • Pear-1(Small)
  • Banana-1
  • Water/Formula milk/Breast milk-2 tbsp



1.Wash apple and pear well.

2.Peel and de seed and chop into pieces.

3.Remove the skin of banana and slice.


4.Add them to the blender and grind with water/milk.

5.Serve it immediately.


The colour depends on the variety of apple and banana you use.

I chose the golden pear which is yellow in colour and Indian apple which is soft.

You can also remove the black part of banana and blend.

Do not let this puree stay for a long time.

Adding water is optional.

I don’t prefer cooking fruits as I feel there might be a nutrient loss. You can however steam cook pear and apple gently if you wish.

You can offer this after 6 months after ensuring that your baby is not allergic to any of the above mentioned ingredients.

Always sterlise the bowls you use for baby.

Have a word with doctor before introducing any new food to baby.


Pear is a fruit which has plenty of vitamins,anti oxidants ,dietary fiber and minerals. They come in many varieties and the classification is based on the land of cultivation. They come in various colours and textures. For babies it is okay to peel the skin but for adults and and kids it is recommended to be consumed with the skin. The dietary fibre present helps in curing constipation and it is low calorie fruit. It is a very light,easy to digest and least allergic fruit which is loaded with Vitamin C ,minerals like iron,copper,manganese,magnesium,ribofavin. This fruit in gut-friendly and also prevents from cancer.


Choose a firm and ripe pear. Pears ripe from inside to outside. hence when you thump the fruit,it should hardly yield to the thump. Do not buy a pear which is very soft and easily easily to your thump. It means the fruit in rotten. Refrigeration is not required for pears. If you wish to refrigerate ,do it after it get ripened. The fruit is ready to eat when it yields to a gentle thump.

Chikku/Chickoo puree for babies

Chikku/Chickoo/Sapota/Sapodila/Mud apple is an excellent first food for babies. I wanted to post this after hearing this from a TV show. Chikoo is known for its non-allergic property and it is easy to digest. This can be introduced between 6 to 8 months and it can be a fine puree for a 6 month old,just mashed fruit for 7 month old and finger food for 8 months plus. For one year plus babies you can try this ABC smoothie. I have added pointers on health benefits of chickoo and also how to choose the right fruit. The below images will show you how to de seed and peel sapota. Never let your baby miss this delicacy. For all healthy home made baby food recipes and insights on weaning refer here


Chikku-2 medium sized

sapota puree


1.Wash the fruit well.

2.Split it into two halves and remove the seeds and the stem like part.

chikku puree

3.Scoop the flesh out and add to a blender.

4.Just give a run.

Chikkoo puree for babies

5.Serve your baby immediately in a clean and sterlised bowl and spoon.

Chikko puree


Always have a word with your doctor before giving a new food.

Sapota skin need not be removed for elders.

The latex might be present in the fruit when had as such. Apply coconut oil instantly to remove and wash it.

You can also just mash the flesh with your fingers instead of a blender.

How to choose Chikoo?

Choose the ripe chikoo as unripe one will be hard for babies to digest. When you press the fruit hard,the ripe fruit will get crushed. The flesh has to be soft and that is the right stage for consumption. Do not opt for over ripe fruits as the liquid will be oozing out. Always open up the fruit ,look for goodness ,de- seed and then consume. Over ripe fruit might have worms inside. Unripe fruits might cause stomach pain.

Health benefits of Chikoo/Chikku:

  • A power house of vitamins which has Vitamins A,B,C and helps in physical and mental growth,develops eye sight,improves immunity system,aids in brain development,metabolism of lipids,hemoglobin production.
  • Sapota is loaded with minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, copper, selenium, zincĀ  and anti oxidants.
  • Unripe sapodila acts as a cure for dysentery whereas ripe chikku helps in curing constipation.
  • The fruit is so amazing that it can used even when your baby has congestion and cold. it is rich in its expectorant properties and hence aids it expelling mucous,phlegm and relieves from congestion.
  • The dietary fibre present protects against colon cancer and diuretic properties prevent from kidney associated diseases.

(Reference –

ABC Puree/Apple Beetroot Carrot Puree for babies

How did you like my ABC smoothie? I do make ABC juice,ABC soups often,hence gave a thought about ABC puree for babies. I shall soon post ABC juice and soups which I learnt from few friends. This is ideal for babies above 6 months after having tried apple,beet root and carrot individually. I am not for purees for babies. I feel babies can have mashed foods from 6 months at the worst by 8 months. And too many purees spoil them and they mix textures. This is the reason behind not having given many puree recipes in baby food although I found mommies too keen on puree recipes. ABC juice is a miracle drink and it recommended for cancer cure,heart diseases and perfect complexion. It supplements brain functioning and lung functioning. The combination of apple ,beet and carrot gives a long term health . The power of two vegetables and one fruit is like a super power. It gives you Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6,B3 C, E ,K, Folate, Niacin, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium, beta-carotene and Manganese. No storing of this combo.Consume immediately after making. I make it with raw fruit and veggies. But here I suggest you to steam vegetables as it is for 6 m baby.


  • Apple-1
  • Beet root-1/2(medium sized)
  • Carrot-1(medium sized)

apple beet root carrot puree


1.Wash all well.

2.Peel the skin of beet and carrot.

3.Grate them and steam cook.

4.When you are about to add everything to blender peel apple and grate.

5.Just blend them together and serve

apple beet root carrot puree


Always consult your pediatrician before trying any new food.

Prefer this for afternoon time.

You can also just mash these together and offer your baby if you don’t prefer blending baby food(I hardly use blender for my baby).

Consider family history of allergy.

Use sterilzed bowls for baby.

I recommend you to go for puree with steamed veggies for 6 months old,move to mashed (steamed veggies) for 7 months to 9 months ,move to just mixing grated and steamed ingredients for 10 months and above one year just give it raw. This is just a suggestion.

The quantity and ratio depends on your taste.


I honestly didn’t have a thought of posting puree recipes to my blog because i hardly prefer using mixer/blender for his foods. I try to mash as much as possible and give him. Amma has always stopped me from using mixer for baby food. She says that baby should find tiny pieces in their tongue(be careful about choking) and also babies used to purees/ground food will never easily transit to solids. Feeling texture is important for a baby to eat well.

How to choose a right papaya for your baby?

The papaya which is ripe enough for your baby will yield to your finger press(thumb). The smell of papaya will surround your house and drag you towards it .There can be few black dots on the fruit. Don’t opt buying a green papaya as it has to get ripened in the branch and not in our houses. Avoid feeding unripe papaya to babies.


Papaya-1 cup (chopped)

papaya puree


1.Wash the ripe papaya and peel the skin.

2.Cut into two halves.

3.Scoop out the seeds.

4.Chop into lengthy pieces and remove the thin line material inside and chop into small pieces.

papaya puree making

5.Add this to a blender/mixer and give a run.

6.Make it a smooth paste

7.Transfer to a sterlised serving bowl and handover the bowl to him/her or feed your little one.

papaya puree

For more options of baby foods and insights on weaning refer here.


Consult your doctor before introducing any new ingredient.

Follow three day wait rule for any first time introduction.

You can start with papaya as first food around 6 months.

If your baby or family has latex allergy,delay the introduction of papaya.

The stools will reflect the colour of papaya. Don’t be bothered.

I prefer having very very small pieces.Hence I don’t make it too fine paste.

Avoid plastic ware for babies. They may be attractive but they are hazardous.


Papaya has plenty of minerals and vitamins which helps in bone,brain,immunity development especially in the early stages of growth.(6 months to 1 year).

The Vitamin A present in papaya helps in good eye sight,glowing skin. Vitamin B strengthens the muscles .

It is also rich calcium and magnesium which helps in proper bone development and excellent dental growth.

It is a store house on Niacin which helps in formation of new cells and repairs the damaged hereditary information.

Indigestion will never visit you if you include papaya in your food. It is a natural laxative and extremely gut friendly.