Chikku/Chickoo puree for babies

sapota puree

Chikku/Chickoo/Sapota/Sapodila/Mud apple is an excellent first food for babies. I wanted to post this after hearing this from a TV show. Chikoo is known for its non-allergic property and it is easy to digest. This can be introduced between 6 to 8 months and it can be a fine puree for a 6 month old,just mashed fruit for 7 month old and finger food for 8 months plus. For one year plus babies you can try this ABC smoothie. I have added pointers on health benefits of chickoo and also how to choose the right fruit. The below images will show you how to de seed and peel sapota. Never let your baby miss this delicacy. For all healthy home made baby food recipes and insights on weaning refer here


Chikku-2 medium sized

sapota puree


1.Wash the fruit well.

2.Split it into two halves and remove the seeds and the stem like part.

chikku puree

3.Scoop the flesh out and add to a blender.

4.Just give a run.

Chikkoo puree for babies

5.Serve your baby immediately in a clean and sterlised bowl and spoon.

Chikko puree


Always have a word with your doctor before giving a new food.

Sapota skin need not be removed for elders.

The latex might be present in the fruit when had as such. Apply coconut oil instantly to remove and wash it.

You can also just mash the flesh with your fingers instead of a blender.

How to choose Chikoo?

Choose the ripe chikoo as unripe one will be hard for babies to digest. When you press the fruit hard,the ripe fruit will get crushed. The flesh has to be soft and that is the right stage for consumption. Do not opt for over ripe fruits as the liquid will be oozing out. Always open up the fruit ,look for goodness ,de- seed and then consume. Over ripe fruit might have worms inside. Unripe fruits might cause stomach pain.

Health benefits of Chikoo/Chikku:

  • A power house of vitamins which has Vitamins A,B,C and helps in physical and mental growth,develops eye sight,improves immunity system,aids in brain development,metabolism of lipids,hemoglobin production.
  • Sapota is loaded with minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc  and anti oxidants.
  • Unripe sapodila acts as a cure for dysentery whereas ripe chikku helps in curing constipation.
  • The fruit is so amazing that it can used even when your baby has congestion and cold. it is rich in its expectorant properties and hence aids it expelling mucous,phlegm and relieves from congestion.
  • The dietary fibre present protects against colon cancer and diuretic properties prevent from kidney associated diseases.

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