A note from kitchen kathukutty:)

Dear Reader! 🙂

A very special thanks for dropping by my blog.I am Kalyani Balaji, a happy home maker and a mother of 10 11 months 1 year old boy.My educational background tags me as a software engineer cum a information systems management professional.” Enjoy every moment of life in your own way” & “Do good!Be good !” are the basic foundations of my life.I enjoy reading,talking,writing,listening,observing,hearing music,making friends,loving true souls,sharing,being the reason for someone’s smile and of course “Cooking & Eating” .

“FOOD”…. The most important basic need of every single human being. We all run towards something in life. But ultimately our first and prime job would be satisfying our hunger. Few tongues drool even when they hear the name of a dish. In an attempt to share my cooking experiences I am beginning it here ,via my blog. The blog is under construction and I am an absolute beginner in blogging. But “Continuous Improvement” is what I aim at. I wish I make a difference by having a purpose behind my cooking and blogging. The purpose is quoted below and hope you like it.


A note from kitchen kathukutty A few words of introduction

My experimentsList of my recipes

Baby food100% healthy and home made baby food recipes & essential information on weaning/first foods

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I would be honoured to know your feedback and suggestions. Your motivating and encouraging words will help me in going forward and grow leaps and bounds.The construction of the blog is on going and I shall keep adding on my inputs as and when time/my baby permits. All recipes shared fall into two categories viz., authentic recipes passed in the family for generations and my trials. Adding step by step pictures is currently a challenging task for me as I am a full-time lone mom and clicking while cooking is difficult with my little one.I shall try my best to add it as soon as possible.My pictures are purely from my smart phone without much of editing. Kindly tolerate me for all “non-DSLR” images. Do follow the blog and post your comments on my recipes.Please feel free to write to me at kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com.I am providing you a form here to provide your recommendations to me wherein you can write to me for adding a recipe of your choice,category of your interest/need or any helpful tips for me to improve.Hope you enjoy my blog.:)


            From the day I began cooking I refrain myself from including the white devils “white sugar,maida,milk,salt” in my kitchen as much as possible unless a recipe strictly demands its use. I totally avoid using any processed/packed food items like white sooji,atta,oats,corn flakes,biscuits in my daily routine and also in the family. In this entire blog I would constrain the use of the above said elements to 90% as of now and I pledge to make my blog completely free of these in due course. If there is a recipe in my blog containing these please avoid it in your kitchen on a regular basis (Follow it once in a blue moon). I have pleaded many writers/super bloggers to at least avoid suggesting these in baby foods. But all in vain.Baby foods will not contain a single bit of these.You may ask me why. There is only one answer from me “THEY ARE >100% UNHEALTHY”. If you are demanding proof from me,then please hang on. I am working on finer details. I shall produce when I am done. My doctors(truly noble souls) highlighted me to restrict the usage of these and I found a significant change in the health of everybody in the family. Now the call is yours. If you wish to know the alternatives I use please click here.You may wonder why I had included this point after such a long time. I had mentioned already all these under “ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIMENTS” but the stress wasn’t this hard. Chef Hema,from Tirunelveli(A Loyolaite) gave me this guts and push. So I wanted this in my front page.

avoid whites

I read this somewhere and it absolutely matched my thoughts on food.

“Food should either directly come from Mother Earth/Nature to us or directly come from Mother Earth/Nature to kitchen and then to us. If something from Mother Earth/Nature reaches an industry/processing plant for a huge processing/preparation before reaching our kitchen/stomach it is definitely not fit to be food” .

What say friends?Take your call.

-Added on 29-June-2015

Mrs.Balaji & Mr.Kalyani have just commenced another space www.allthatweliketoshare.wordpress.com . If you are interested in reading tamil stories and parenting/pregnancy/baby care related topics,please take a look .


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