Idiyappam/Sevai/Sandhavai/String hoppers/Rice Noodles-Traditional Method

The below recipe is so unique from our family and it renders a yummy dish. All of you might think what is there with Idiyappam recipe. Kindly go through the below one and try it once. It is off course a tough procedure. But once you are used to it,you ll never leave this out. A very perfect baby food for 8 months plus. Check out this steaming hot and the most yummy Idiyappam making 🙂 Do check out my instant idiyappam recipe and millet idiyappam recipe.

The usual combinations we prefer at home:

  • Idiyappam+Coconut+ghee+Sweetner
  • Idiyappam+Lemon Mix(Home made)
  • Idiyappam+Tomato mix(Home made)
  • Idiyappam+Puliyogare Mix(Home made)
  • Idiyappam+Veggies
  • Idiyappam+Coconut milk
  • Top of all is Idiyappam+Sothi


  • Idly/Dosa Rice – 1 and 1/2 cups
  • Coconut grated-1/2 cup
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-To cook



1.Wash and soak rice for 3 hours.

2.Add rice,salt and grated coconut in a blender and grind it very smooth by adding water.


3.It has to be in dosa batter(pouring) consistency.

4.In a kadai add oil and once its heated,pour the batter and start stirring immediately.

Idiyappam Making

5.Keep stirring until you reach the below format i.e. you should be able to make non sticky and soft balls out of it.

Idiyappam Making

6.Insert the balls made into an idiappam maker and cook it in an idly maker.

idiyappam making4

7.Serve it hot.

My Observations:

Adding water and grinding the paste smooth will help you in cooking it quick and perfect.

Many skip adding coconut while grinding. But adding coconut makes it extra delicious and extra soft.



11 thoughts on “Idiyappam/Sevai/Sandhavai/String hoppers/Rice Noodles-Traditional Method

  1. Usually in home we will prepare idiyappam with raw rice. In your post you have mentioned idly/dosa rice. can you pls clarify.


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