Home Made Sambhar Powder

home made sambhar powder

Few of my readers wrote to me asking for home made sambhar powder especially for babies above 7 months.Here is my mother’s recipe of sambhar powder. I don’t hoard this in large quantities at home. Because I prefer to make it in different ways and keep changing it. I will post all versions soon. The recipe is below is a common one. If you prefer to do it separately for your baby,quarter the amount of red chilly used.

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  • Red chilly-200 gms
  • Coriander seeds-100 gms
  • Fenugreek seeds-10 gms
  • Toor dal-50 gms
  • Channa dhal-50 gms
  • Cumin seeds-25 gms
  • Hing-10 gms(Solid)
  • Raw rice-1 tbsp

home made sambhar powder


1.Clean all the ingredients and dry them separately one after the other.

2.Cool them.

3.Blend all ingredients except red chilly together into a smooth powder.


4.Remove the powder and add red chillies and blend well.

5.Add the powder along with chilly powder and run the mixer.

homemade sambhar powder

6.Cool and store in an air tight container.

home made sambhar powder


If you prefer to make a large quantity grind it in a mill.

Use a dry mixer jar to grind.

This will stay good for 3 months in normal temperature.

You can also add hing powder instead of the thick one.

Dry roast the items carefully in medium flame.

Do not let it blacken. Roast until it turns slightly brown or aroma arises.

I missed capturing images of roasting ingredients separately. I shall add them soon.

Be sure to cool the powder well before storing.

While blending quantities do it in batches.

You can also sun dry all ingredients before dry roasting.

Colour depends on the red chilly used.

Increase or decrease red chillies to suit your taste.

You can skip red chillies and use this as a spice mix for any baby food

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